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July 26, 2009
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Ch 1 - The Library Horror by Wuzzly Ch 1 - The Library Horror by Wuzzly
This is the first part of my nightmare I had last night ^_^; It was really scary (lol) I hope I can you guys get a good scare out of it too XD

Next part (final) [link]

Chapter 1 -- The Nightmare Begins

My eyes slowly opened as I smartly rubbed the back of my neck, which was hurting for some unknown reason. As my eyes were opening, I couldn’t help but note it was darker than usual in my room. I couldn’t really see anything. I let my eyes stay open, deciding it would be best to let them adjust to the darkness that surrounded me.

Did the power go out last night? I thought to myself as I stared straight ahead, trying to make out of the unfamiliar shapes that began to form in front of me. This is weird…
I slightly lift my head up only to realize my head wasn’t resting against my pillow—as a matter of fact, my whole upper body wasn’t resting against my bed. I was sitting up.

What a minute… I glanced around, trying to make the unfamiliar shapes take form as my eyes continued to adjust to the dark. Something is differently off…

I continued to look around, trying to find some source of light when I couldn’t help but mentally note to myself the unusual quietness that seemed to surround the air. It was dea
d silent. Nothing could be heard—not a single noise.

A small chill ran down my back as I noted the eerie stillness. I closed my eyes, wishing with all my might that something would make some sort of noise, breaking the awkward silence. But nothing did.

When I opened my eyes again, I was relieved to see I could actually see what was in front of me. But that relief almost instantly disappeared as soon as it appeared. I didn’t recognize the place.

Books piled on shelves surrounded me everywhere I looked. The bookshelves themselves were extremely long and tall, giving it a rather unnatural look in the darkness.

Forcing myself to stand up, I grabbed the first book I could reach and opened it up. I couldn’t help but curse under my breath when I saw I couldn’t see the words, as it was too dark to read it.

The book slid silently back in the place I had pulled it out as I pushed it back in. I glanced around and decided to head towards the pale light on my right—as it seemed to be my only source of light.

I had determined instantly as I walked towards the light I wasn’t in my room anymore. How I got here was beyond me. I knew it wasn’t my library, as the bookshelves were too long and high. And, despite not having seen the whole room, something told me it was huge—huger than I realized later on.

While I was moving towards the end of the row, I couldn’t help but feel different. Like something was different about me. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I felt different. I almost felt a little shorter than I should have been and noticed, when I looked down, I was wearing unfamiliar clothes. I never liked wearing sweaters that had hoods at the back of them. And baggy jeans? Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me.

As soon as I reached the end of the shelf (which, to be quite honest seemed to go on forever) I glanced to my left to see that there were many more rows of book shelves down the path. I glanced to my right to see that it only got darker which made the further back bookshelves disappear from site.

I think I’ll head towards the light. I turned back to my left and began to head down the side of the shelves.

It seemed like forever as I continued to walk down the side. The source of the light didn’t seem like it was getting any closer and I was beginning to feel anxious. Something, for the first time, felt off.

The sound of my footsteps could be heard as I walked down the carpet path. It was the only sound I could hear but it made me feel a million times better than the eerie silence.

“Dang it,” I muttered to myself as I squinted at the light source, “this is taking longer to walk down than I far away is it?”

I wasn’t too sure how long I had been walking before I began to breathe heavily. The source of light never seemed to draw closer, which to be completely honest, was discouraging.

I felt childish as I closed my eyes and began to run towards the source of light. I knew closing my eyes wouldn’t make the source of light appear any closer but it was driving me insane to stare down the path that never seemed to end.

Suddenly, without warning, I felt myself slam against something solid.

I groaned loudly as I fell on my butt and looked up. I let out a surprised gasp and looked around in confusion.

There, right in front of me, was the source of light—a window. How I suddenly appeared right in front of the window was beyond me, but for the time being, I was just thankful not to be walking anymore.

Grabbing the window sill, I pushed myself upward and stared out the window. The window sill outside extended outward for a good yard, making it possible for one to walk along the edge with ease if they wanted too. However, because the window sill extended out so far, it made it impossible to see how far up one was as it blocked the ground view.

My eyes drifted upward only to let out another stunned gasp.

The moon was humongous. I had never seen the moon so big before in my life. The pale light seemed to shine down brilliantly from the moon, as if it were trying to compete against the sun. I turned my eyes away, astonished at how bright the moon was. I wished I had my camera so I could take a picture of it.

I looked down the side of the back wall to see that there were many other windows like the one I was standing in front of that went down the wall until they disappeared from site from both directions.

“This is kind of nerve racking,” I couldn’t help but mumble under my breath as I began to walk along the windows, seeing that every window looked exactly the same and was precisely the exact distance from each other. “Who ever designed this building did a horrible job at it.”

I glanced down at my feet, deciding it would be best not to watch for the end. I decided to spend the time trying to figure out what was going on.

“I obviously didn’t fall asleep in a library,” I mumbled to myself as I continued to stare down at the carpet. I remembered going to bed. “But how did I end up here? Did someone kidnap me?”

I shivered and decided to change my train of thought. “Whatever,” I said out loud, trying hard not to think about how I got here. “I think the most important thing for me is to figure out how to get out of here…I need to find some stairs or an elevator.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “I think I might stick to the elevator if I run into one if I have a choice.”

My hands slightly trembled as I continued to walk. “But either way, I need to figure out how to get out of here…I don’t like this place. At all…”

I instinctively looked up to see the end wall. I let out a loud sigh of relief and glanced back towards the last window, only to see the moon was still in the same spot it had been when I had looked earlier. “Huh, that’s odd…I swear it feels like I’ve been walking for hours…” I gave a weak chuckle. “I guess I am more out of shape than I realized.”

I turned down pathway and followed the wall. “I hope there is a door nearby,” I moaned as I let my hand run along the wall. “I’m starting to get tired.”

Truth be told, my legs hurt and feet hurt. I couldn’t help but feel like I had been walking for hours in the library. But that couldn’t be possible, right? I mean, the moon was in the same spot, wasn’t it?

“So weird,” I mumbled to myself as I continued to walk. “This place is so weird…” I shook my head, realizing just now I had been talking out loud to myself.

I almost wanted to cry out with happiness when I saw a door knob sticking out of the wall ahead of me. Pushing me feet off the ground, I began to run towards the door.

What should have taken me only ten seconds took me over a minute as I finally reached the door knob.

My brain by now was starting to send off alarms in my head. Something was wrong. Something wasn’t making any sense at all.

I decided to ignore those little red flags my brain tried to send me because I figured this door would be the answer to all my problems. Why worry about why it seemed to take longer to reach the door when I had already reached it? The problem was over, wasn’t it?

“Thank you Jesus,” I couldn’t help but say as I twisted the door knob open. “Freedom is just around the corner.”

Or at least I had hoped it was. To my disappointment, the door led to another room.

I walked into the room and let go of the door which closed with a small click. I let my eyes wonder around to see something that made my heart skip a beat.

There, to my very far left, was a reception desk.

The pale moonlight that shined through the windows at the back of the wall gave it an eerie look that would have made me hesitate to approach if I had not been so desperate to figure out a way out of here.

The soft thumping noise my feet made as the made contact with the carpet on the floor was the only noise that could be heard as I ran towards the desk.

Of course, no one was at the desk as I got closer to it. I figured that would have been the case since it was already so late into the night.

“Where is the phone,” I mumbled to myself as I finally approached the desk. “I don’t think they would mind me using it, would they?” I looked over the desk, hoping to see a phone, only to discover there wasn’t one.

There was a computer with a case of pencils inside the desk, but everything else seemed bare which began to send off those warning bells in the back of my head again.

“Gahh,” I said angrily as I turned away from the desk and looked at the endless rows of library books. “What is going on?”

My eyes drifted back towards the door I had used to enter the room. Should I go back through that door and look for a different door? Or should I explore around here?

I wanted to explore around this room. I didn’t want to go back into that room, the room I had just left, because it was so big. I didn’t like it. I was hoping, with all my might, that this room might be different—that this room would lead me out of the library.

A sudden thought came into my mind that made a chill run down my spinal cord. Who ever said we were in a library? I was just assuming I was in a library because of all the rows of books that filled the room—but who is to say this was a library?

I shook my head hard, blocking out that thought. “No, no no! Think of something else!” I lightly punched my self with my fists on the top of my head, forcing my train of thought elsewhere. I wasn’t about to freak myself out while trying to get out of this place.

Deciding it would be best to start exploring the room to distract my thoughts, I instantly headed towards the nearest bookshelf.

My eyes roamed around the books as I walked down the row of books. They all were different colors but at something identical to each other. I noticed there weren’t a book sleeves over the books. It were bare and one solid color. The colors varied from different shades of different colors such as red and blue.

I automatically reached up and grabbed a book. I pulled it down from the shelf it was resting on and opened it up.

My eyebrows instantly squinted downward as I stared at the text. I couldn’t make head or tails out of it. It looked like chicken scratch to be completely honest. I had never seen a language like this before.

I shoved the book back in the shelf and grabbed the next book, only to see the same thing.

“Maybe I’m in the foreign language book section?” I muttered to myself as I tried not to let the panic that seemed to try to creep its way up into my mind.

I walked down the many rows of book shelves (or at least it seemed) before I paused again and grabbed another book. I eagerly opened it up, hoping with all my might I might be able to read it. But it was the same as the others.

“Dang it,” I moaned as I put the book back. “What is going on here?”

My stomach let out a low gurgling noise. I glanced down, surprised at how hungry I was. “Heh, am I really that hungry?”

My feet carried me tiredly to the end of the row of books before I decided to head towards the windows once again to see outside it.

It seemed like an impossible long time before I finally reached the window.

“No way,” I muttered with disbelief as I stared up at the moon, only to see it was in the same spot it had been in when I first saw it. “I know I’ve been walking around here for at least a couple of hours…”

Or at least I think I have. Have I really been walking around here for hours, or does it just feel like I’ve been walking around for hours?

I grabbed my head and shook it again. Nothing was making sense for some odd reason. I just wanted to leave the place and figure out how to get home from there.

I once again followed the row of windows until I reached the other side of the library before I began to follow that wall. And almost as if I were rewatching the same move, I saw the same exact door knob in front of me. Running towards the door, I reached out to grab it only to see I didn’t get any closer. I continued to run until my head touched the cold metal.

“Ha, ha,” I breathed heavily as I gripped the knob tight. “This is weird…” I turned the knob and entered the room—only to see it looked exactly identical to the room I left.

“It’s just a coincidence,” I told myself as I entered through two other doors that had the same identical room to it. “I can’t be entering the same room, right?”

I wasn’t too sure how long I had been walking in the same room or how many times I seemed to enter the same room as I went through the same door when I saw another door that was identical to the previous doors I had passed.

I felt tired and exhausted as I pulled the door knob. I just wanted to get out of here and go home.

A low moan escaped my throat as I opened the door and walked in. The door behind me closed as it usually did with a soft click before everything went silent like it always did.

The room had the same exact layout. Nothing seemed different at all. The same amount of light seemed to hit the floor from the same exact windows in the previous rooms.

I turned my head around to see the door behind me. Going back into the pervious room would only make me backtrack, wouldn’t it? But at the same time, could it be possible I could just be going further into this maze? Wouldn’t it be best to backtrack now while I still hadn’t gone too far?

Pivoting on my feet, I changed the direction of my body and grabbed the door knob. My heart seemed to sink as I turned the knob. I didn’t want to go back into the same room I had pervious been in. I didn’t like the idea of backtracking—but I didn’t really like the idea of trying to find my way out of this maze.

The door slowly opened as I walked back into the room. I almost felt my heart stop when I realized the room had changed.

The room was suppose to have rows and rows of bookshelves right next to the door (as it did when I had left the room) and be slightly darker since it was at the back of the room. Instead, it looked like the entrance of the room. It looked like the room I had just decided not to explore—the exact same thing.

Panic seized me as I felt my legs give in. Nothing made sense anymore. How could I possibly be at the front of the room when this door led to the back of the room?

“No,” I told myself angrily as I stood up. My legs shook—I told myself it was because I was scared but I knew it was because I was exhausted…or maybe it was both but I was unwilling to admit I was scared? “I’m not going to give up…” I turned back around, deciding to move forward, as backtracking didn’t seem like an option.

“There has got to be a way out of here…” Then it dawned on me.

As quickly as my legs could move, I ran towards the window.

By the time I reached the window, I was all out of breath. My eyes reluctantly looked upward to see the moon was still in the same spot—almost as if time was frozen and I was the only one moving.

I let my hands move around the window sill, trying to find anything that would allow me to open it up. To my disappointment, though, I realized the window wouldn’t open.

My eyes darted towards the book shelve. Part of me didn’t want to do it, but another part of me wanted to get out of here—no matter what. I ran over and grabbed a book. I turned my body and faced the window.

I took a few deep breaths, surprised at how enthusiastic I was willing to break the window. I threw the book with all my might and watched it fly directly at the window.

With almost a defining shatter, the window exploded into a million pieces of glass—something I had not expected.

I covered my body with my arms as the shards of glass came flying down from the broken window. I couldn’t help but be thankful to the sweater I was wearing, as I soon came to realized if I had not been wearing it I would have been cut up.

After a few seconds, everything was back to that eerie silence. I was surprised at how hard my heart was beating against my chest. I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack because I found it hard to breath for a few seconds. However, after my body seemed to calm down, I was able to regain my breath.

“Woah,” I couldn’t help but say weakly as I stared down at the sea of glass that laid on the ground. “I honestly wasn’t expecting that…”

I couldn’t help but suddenly look around, wondering if that noise had drawn attention to myself. But nothing happened, so I decided to go on with my plan.

Glass from the broken window crushed into smaller pieces as I walked towards my only escape door. My hands shook as I approached the window sill.

A gentle breeze blew through the window as I stood outside it, hesitating to go out. As if the alarm bells in my brain weren’t loud enough, they only seemed to get louder, telling me not to go out.

“What am I suppose to do?” I whispered to myself, comforted by my own voice. I was tired, I was hungry, I was sore—I was exhausted.

Deciding to go against my gut feeling, I placed my hands on the window sill and lifted my legs up. Crawling on my knees, I went forward. I stopped at the very edge of the window sill and took a deep breath before I looked down.

Tears of despair formed in my eyes as I looked down. I couldn’t see the bottom. I glanced to my left and right only to see to my horror rows and rows of endless windows.

Part of me was screaming not to look up because if I did—

“No,” I moaned out loud as I turned my head upward only to discover my fear. The building seemed to go on forever. “How is this possible?”

I pushed myself back through the window onto the floor, shaken up.

“I want to go home,” I said out loud as I stood outside the broken window. “I want to go home!”

My hands reached up to my face as I cried.

It must have been probably ten minutes or so before I stopped crying. My stubborn eyes looked up at the moon to see it glued in the same spot.

“I’m going to get out of here…” I let my fist ball up which was shaking pretty badly.

I decided to move onward. I didn’t like the idea of standing outside a broken window because if someone did come and saw it they might not be too happy.

After what seemed like ages, I reached another door at the end of the room. My hand twisted the knob. I didn’t want to see what was beyond the door because I already knew what it was going to be.

The door opened up and revealed the same room I was in earlier. My eyes instantly darted towards the windows, only to see to my desolation that the window wasn’t broken. I couldn’t help but wonder why it made me feel so gloomy not to see the window broken.

I’m going mad, I thought to myself as I looked around the room, I must be going crazy. These rooms look exactly the same. Nothing is different.

I began to run forward towards the endless rows of shelves. “Help!” I shouted, surprised at how my voice sounded a little off. “Somebody help me!”

I entered into the maze of book shelves as I continued to look around. “;Please, if somebody is here, help me!”

But nothing happened. After ten minutes of constant shouting and running I finally collapsed from exhaustion.

“I just want to go home,” I said weakly in a rasp voice as I stared up at the rows of book shelves that seemed to loom over me. “Why can’t I do that?”

A few coughs escaped from my dry throat as I laid on the ground. I watched my chest move up and down at an unusually fast rhythm which slightly frightened me.

I was pretty sure the silence was going to drive me insane as my breath became calm but I didn’t. Maybe because I was too exhausted to be worried about it, I fell into a light sleep
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This is really freaky! I can't believe you had a dream like this! My poor Wuzzlu! :hug: This darned place is creepy :XD:
Wuzzly Aug 10, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
x_x; I know. And my dreams have been weirder x_x; And more personal. :paranoid: My mom said it's probably because I'm worried about college (which is sort of true...but...) :shrug:
Aww, it'll be okay *pats on shoulder*
Wuzzly Oct 11, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
:3 Can I have an oreo pop-tart? :3
*gives two boxes* There you go :3
Wuzzly Oct 14, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
-eats it all in one bite like Kirby eating a Minny- xD
:o Remember to chew your food! :P
Wuzzly Oct 17, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
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bleedinggumspteter Jul 27, 2009
I haven't read all of it yet but that part where you are standing in the hallway that stretches for forever in both directions reminds me a bit of that part in that movie, The Labrynth, where Jenifer Connely is running down that funny little lane that she can never see an end too. I like the way it is written and I definitely get a good picture in my head when I read it so well done.
Wuzzly Jul 27, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh! I've never seen that movie but I've heard of it! My mom is against (or was) us watching rated R movies =P

Thanks! :hug:
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